Here you will find detailed information on the services offered by "Primagas" JSC.

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Safety, comfort, efficiency, affordability - these are many of the reasons, for which the natural gas is preferred. It is ecologically pure, highly caloric and completely safe when used for household needs. It is used for heating, production of warm water for households' needs, cooking and cooling down in the hot summer months. Over 80% of the habitants in Europe use for their daily needs the natural gas in their households.

Its advantages over the rest of the fuels are:
1. Cheaper ;
2.96% efficiency ;
3. Direct supply to the place of consumption, independent of the atmospheric conditions;
4. 100% possibility for control of consumption;
5. Ecologically pure.

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Heating with natural gas

"Primagas" JSC gives you the possibility to make the best choice of heating your home.

We propose an overall decision which will provide greater comfort to you and your family
The equipment requiring natural gas is more efficient which leads to reduction of the fuel expenses. "Primagas" JSC offers a great variety of heating appliances for natural gas, different in size, style and method of work. This variety of appliances for natural gas, allows each client to choose the most appropriate appliance in conformity with his/her needs and standards.

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Warm water

"Primagas" JSC offers to its clients an efficient fuel and an up-to-date equipment that ensures more warm water at a lower price. The heaters of water working with natural gas are more economical than the electric heaters. The heater working with natural gas heats the water 30% faster than the electrical one. You will have more warm water when you need it by using the natural gas.

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Cooking with natural gas

The cooking appliances which consume natural gas are characterized with high level of energy efficiency. The gas cookers ensure instant warming up which decreases the expenses. The cooking with natural gas is independent and reliable. You can work with natural gas even during power breakdown. The good cook always exercises strict control of the temperature of cooking which is ensured by the use of natural gas. Switch on the gas appliance and the desired by you temperature will be reached. After you finish, switch it off and it cools down quickly.

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Design of interior gas and heating installations

Highly qualified engineer-consultants and designers will advise you which is the optimal way of heating, household hot water supply and cooking for you, depending on the type of lodging, the presence or lack of heating installation, your preferences to a particular kind of gas equipment, your financial status.

The actual situation in your lodging will be photographed on the spot, and the design of the gas and heating installation will be discussed and considered with respect to your wishes and home interior.

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Construction of interior gas and heating installations

Professionals equipped with the most up-to-date drilling, welding and other technique will execute your gas and heating installation. The quality of the used materials meets the European standard, supported by the necessary certificates. You can have the installations fixed whenever it shall be convenient for you.

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Guarantee and post guarantee service

In order to guarantee flawless work of your appliances we offer guarantee and post guarantee maintenance. The guarantee service is within the terms given by the manufacturer of the equipment and is at the expense of the gas distribution company if it is the supplier of the equipment and executor of the construction-assembly works on the interior installations. You can sign a contract for post guarantee service at determined for this purpose conditions.

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Conclusion of contracts

Depending on your wish and possibilities, you can conclude a contract:

  1. For the whole design and setting up of gas and heating installation;
  2. For designing;
  3. For setting up;
  4. For extra guarantee service.

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