This is the place where you can find useful advices for the economy and safety of the exploitation of the natural gas. Here there are several useful advices:

In order to decrease the energy losses in your household, please keep to the following advices!

Thus you can save the expenses on your gas consumption bill and you will be able to exercise greater control on it.

•  Insulation

The appropriate insulation can decrease the necessary energy for heating and cooling of your household by 20—30 %. Please take into account that your heating and cooling system are the greatest energy consumers in your household. By decreasing the heat losses with the appropriate insulation, you decrease your energy expenses.

•  Adjustment of the thermoregulator

It is a simple but significant method of decreasing the consumed energy. When you are away from home for several hours, please make sure you set the thermoregulator about 5 degrees down from the usual temperature mode you maintain. When you are away from your home for 2 days, please set the thermoregulator at the lowest possible temperature out of the temperature mode. Please, do not switch off the heating system, since a probable freezing of the system may cause damages.

•  Maintenance of the gas equipment

The equipment which works with maximum effectiveness can decrease the consumption of natural gas with about 10%. The equipment which is well set provides less expenses and a secure exploitation. You should better call “PRIMAGAS” JSC for the annual check up of your appliances or contact the distributor of your appliances.

•  Why does your gas bill vary?

•  External temperature

The changes in the external temperature have an impact on your gas bill more than any other factor does. When the external temperature decreases, the quantity of the used for heating natural gas increases. During the cold winter months, of course, you will be in need of more natural gas in order to heat your home.

•• Temperature of the water

The cold weather also affects the temperature of water, that is why more gas should be used in order to heat the water necessary for your domestic needs. The difference in the temperature of the water in July and January is big and your water heater consumes more energy to maintain the constant temperature.

•  The construction and the insulation of your home

The quality of the insulation of the home and the way of living contribute to the varying in the consumed quantity of the natural gas.

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How to be sure you can make your home and yourself safe!

Please do read this text. It will not take more than a few minutes but this will make you feel safe and secure about the correct everyday exploitation of the gas appliances and installation used by you!

•  Several rules we should know in order to avoid unwanted accidents:

After your gas consuming appliances are installed and when they are accordingly fitted to the installed gas installation, safety instructions will be carried out by a representative of “PRIMAGAS” JSC on the ways of exploitation of the installed gas appliances in your homes.

•  Please keep and maintain in good condition the gas equipment;

•  In case you find some faults in the gas equipment, please immediately notify a specialist from “PRIMAGAS” JSC and/or the gas installation service station;

•  In cases of immediate break off of the gas supply, please immediately turn off the tap the gas burner and notify a specialist from “PRIMAGAS” JSC and/or of the gas installation service station.

•  In case you sense a smell of gas, please immediately:

•  cease the exploitation of the gas appliances;

•  turn off the taps to the appliances and turn off the appliances themselves;

•  open the windows to air the premise;

•  call “PRIMAGAS” JSC ;

•  do not light fire;

•  do not smoke;

•  do not switch on and do not switch off the electric lights and electric appliances;

•  do not use an electric bell.

•• If you sense a smell of a gas at the entrance, in the building, in the yard, in the street:

•  notify “PRIMAGAS” JSC on the emergency line for accidents(……………);

•  take immediate steps to notify and evacuate people from the affected by the gas leak building or premise;

•  avoid switching on and off of the electric lights and the use of open fire. Do not light fire in any way!

•  Until the break down team arrives, organize airing of the premise.

It is important to know that the subscribers are not allowed :

•• to install an independent gas installation in their dwelling place ( the dwelling place and the attached to it premises in the yard)

•• to rearrange , to replace and repair the gas equipment;

•• to introduce changes in the construction of the gas appliances they use;

•• to modify the structure of the chimney and ventilation system ;

•• to shut off the ventilation channels, to stop the access holes, designed for clearing of the chimneys ;

•• to switch off the automation system for safety and adjustment;

•• to use gas in cases of fault of gas consuming appliances, automation, the stopping, adjusting and safety appliances;

•• to leave unsupervised operating gas appliances , apart from those fit for a constant work and equipped with the necessary automation ;

•• to use open fire for detection of gas leakage ;

All the information stated above is an excerpt from the Instruction I

“For Household Consumers Regarding the Safety Use of the Natural Gas and the Exploitation of the Installations and Gas Consuming Appliances.”

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