Development Strategy; “Primagas” JSC Development Strategy for the period of 2005 – 2009

The proposed stages for the development of the gas supply project have been made according to the following terms.

  • gas supply development on the territory specified in the licence
  • optimized use of the capacity of the already built gas-pipes
  • Gas supply of separate residential areas and industrial zones for the whole territory specified in the licence as well as congestion of the existing network by including new consumers

The investment program includes the construction of high pressure (6 bar.) steel distribution gas pipes. A network of low pressure (100 mbar) distribution gas pipes is mainly developed in the separate residential areas and the equipment serving the reBGNnt networks – system facilities. The construction of diversions to consumers and diversions equipment is also part of the investment program.

Making each consumer part of the gas distribution network will be conducted after thorough analysis of his/her power needs in order to increase the total efficiency of the energy system owned by him. In spite of that, there are some common technical aspects for the separate consumers' groups, i.e.

  • industrial companies gas supply

Industrial companies gas supply will be conducted by replacement or repair of already built fuel equipment fit for work with natural gas. Moreover, emergency ventilation, emergency lights, emergency sound and light system with detectors for constant control of poisonous gases concentration in the room will be constructed in the boiler rooms.

  • gas supply to administrative and public buildings and commercial sites

The including of these consumers to the gas distribution network will be made by installing the necessary gas equipment or by reconstruction of the existing equipment. Buildings of public importance such as schools, kindergartens, administrative buildings etc. will have priority when being included in the gas supply system.

  • household consumers gas supply

The natural gas goes directly to the house connected to the gas supply system, as its pressure is regulated from 0,1 to 0,02 bar before that by a regulator designed for consumers and installed in front of the measuring devices. The inside arrangement of the gas pipes is made according to a design by the owner and it is carried out according to the client's finances. The most frequently used household heating appliances are:

•  convector heaters (gas radiators), infrared radiators ( hot air apparatuses) etc.

•  water heating appliances: double layers boilers, gas bulky hot-water heater, gas protracted high speed water heaters;

•  gas-cookers with hot-plates and ovens, only gas hot-plates cookers powered by electricity and gas.

Areas planned to be gas supplied listed according to the year of realization of the plan.

2005 – 2006 Ivan Rilski r. a., Mladost region, Northern Industrial Zone

2006 – 2007 including Pobeda r. a., Vazrazhdane IV r. a.

2007 – 2008 including Kaisieva Gradina r. a.

2008 – 2009 including Vladislav Varnenchik r. a.

2009 – 2010 building of the route to the Southern Industrial Zone and Asparuhovo r. a.

The investment program of “Primagas” JSC comprises the building of 42995 m gas distribution network and their equipment, totally amounting to 5308 thousand BGN, from 2005 to 2009. Except the investments for the gas distribution systems, investments in other long-term assets (buildings, intangible assets and other tangible assets), necessary for the execution of the licence activities have been provided.