Here you will find information about the ecological policy of the company and the care of the environment, which complies with the standards of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Community.
"Primagas" JSC ecological policy

In its efforts for faster integration in the European Community, Bulgaria tries hard to follow the world and European trends for stable development.

"Primagas" JSC activity complies completely with the national priorities for development in the power sector and the environment and it cooperates and creates prerequisites for fulfillment of the undertaken international obligations. "Primagas" JSC puts into practice:

  • The principles of the Conception for Stable Development, passed in Rio de Janeiro /1992/ and Kyoto /1997/
  • International Gas Union Ecological Charter/ Copenhagen 1997
  • National Climate Change Plan
  • National Development Plan adopted until 2006

"Primagas" JSC priorities in the sphere of Environment protection are the following:

  • Environment preservation in the areas of building and exploiting of gas carrying systems;
  • Provision of ecological safety and technical reliability during the construction, transportation and exploitation;
  • Workers' health protection
  • Taking part in providing ecological safety in the regions where the sites are situated.

The basic tendencies in the implementation of the "Primagas" ecological policy are:

  • Observing the legislation requirements, the active standards, rules and regulations related to the environment
  • Reduction of noxious gases emissions which pollute the atmosphere
  • Provision of the preservation and restoration of the affected lands situated in the areas of impact caused by the gas carrying systems
  • Provision of safe exploitation of the sites
  • Provision of the required health and sanitary conditions for the personnel
  • Increase of natural gas share in the country power balance as an environmentally clean fuel;
  • Management of the activities related to the environment protection
  • Developing projects for stable development